Kristen Marie (Kryss) Shane, MSW, LSW, LMSW, earned her bachelor's of science degree at The Ohio State University and her master's of social work degree at Barry University. She holds social work licenses in the states of Ohio and New York, as well as numerous certifications.

Her professional social work foci are in the areas of LGBT counseling, training, and education; animal-assisted therapy with youth, adolescent, and adult counseling; couples counseling; family counseling; group counseling; crisis intervention and resolution; and local, state, national, and international activism work. In addition, she is a respected author, columnist, and public speaker.

As an activist and social worker, she has aided in the introduction of gay-straight alliances in numerous high schools; participated in the National Equality March in Washington, D.C.; rallied for nondiscrimination laws in numerous states; and held or actively participated in meetings with numerous legislators to educate and encourage their participation in the equality movement. In addition, she conducted professional trainings on teaching key members of agencies and companies how to make their workplace and workforce more inclusive, and she continues to actively advocate for LGBTQI rights on the local, state, federal, and international levels.

As a writer and public speaker, she is on staff at, is a columnist and the 2011 blogger for the internationally regarded "The New Social Worker" magazine, has published a book chapter in a nationally recognized textbook, and has professionally reviewed many books related to the fields of social work, psychotherapy, and other helping professions. As a public speaker, she has appeared consistently on major market radio, been seen on national television programs, presented numerous times at Columbia University, spoken at national and international conferences throughout the nation, and was a symposia panelist at the 2012 NASW National Conference.

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