Kseniya Sukhotina Russian delegate to the 3rd G(irls)20 Summit

Kseniya Sukhotina is ecstatic to represent Russia in this year’s G(irls)20 Summit. This versatile 20 year-old is an international marketing major at Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, and aspires to become a leader as a strong and independent businesswoman. She credits her background in high-level competitive rhythmic gymnastics as a backbone for her confidence and thoroughly applies it throughout her many attendances at international conferences. Having attended four International Model UN conferences and present at the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, Kseniya is proactive in finding the solutions to such world issues as the global environment’s weakened state and human rights.

Kseniya is a proven linguist, learning French and German as an exchange student, and feels that intercultural communication helps her to understand the diversity of the world. With this understanding, Kseniya feels social responsibility is developed and the motivation to find and seize opportunities for societal and self-development are found.