Lauren Walters Co-Founder and CEO, Two Degrees Food

Lauren Walters, a life-long political activist and entrepreneur, is Co-Founder and CEO of Two Degrees Food. He is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s business strategy, and for building the team of people who together enable the connection between purchasers of Two Degrees bars in the United States and hungry children in developing countries.

With career stops in politics, public service, business and entrepreneurship, and all-the-while grounded in the altruistic values of his physician parents, Lauren believes strongly in the power of the right networks of individuals to do amazing things collectively. He passionately connects ideas and people from different walks of life to create new opportunities and strategies to solve real problems. Lauren’s networks for supporting Two Degrees Food span every element of his professional career as a lawyer, entrepreneur, NGO leader, venture capital investor and volunteer. He currently is the Chairman of the Board of the Concord Consortium and The Consensus Building Institute.

Lauren is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University, The London School of Economics and Political Science and the Georgetown University Law Center. He was a Ford Foundation Fellow at the Federal Executive Institute and a Fulbright Professional Scholar in Korea.