Mal Blum is a songwriter and performer based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She started making music as a tenderhearted teenager with a bit of hutzpah and a love for words and now tours the country writing self-referential songs about it and other things while trying to connect with people, y'know? She writes tongue-in-cheek songs often filled with feelings, travel stories and/or anthropomorphic metaphors. Her music is best described as containing elements of folk, punk, and anti-folk genres. Reviewers say, "[Songs] so sincere that you want to make her tell you all the stories behind them" (The Ruckus Blog), and, "[F]ull of humor and sweetness ... here to make you appreciate the little things more" (Deli Magazine).

Mal has supported national artists in her years on Earth, including (one-offs) Jeffrey Lewis, Amanda Palmer, Bitch, Kaia Wilson, Hammell on Trial, and Kimya Dawson, as well as folk rocker Melissa Ferrick on her fall 2009 and winter/spring 2010 tours. Her music has been featured on MTV'S LOGO (voted a top-10 video of the year), in numerous music blogs and in publications including Curve, American Songwriter and Baeble.

Mal recently released her fifth album, entitled Tempest in a Teacup, in May 2013.