Mark K. Stutes CEO, Video Illusions Inc.

Mark K. Stutes, CEO of Video Illusions Inc., is a leading small business expert who has drawn from over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. In 1996, Stutes founded Video Illusions as an all-digital corporate video production company which he molded into website design and online application development when the Internet’s popularity increased. His shift garnered the company an incredible new revenue stream generated from clients including 3Com and Palm Handheld for which he and his staff were building dynamic and data driven sites. Due to its growing success, the company was incorporated in 2001 and focused on all aspects of web production including overall site design. Stutes diversified his company’s breadth of expertise and branched into burgeoning areas of brand development and website creation, resulting in a client roster which today includes major corporations such as Wells Fargo, Disney and Tyco Thermal Controls, to name a few.