Mary Smith is co-founder of, a lighthearted look at issues via politicians – delivered in their own words. Viewers demand and deserve a real look at what’s out there – channel WSYS delivers. It’s a highlight reel of people in the public eye. was developed by Ms. Smith and team after years in the trenches of the political/policy scene, and is an effort to take a fresh look (especially for new groups, political outsiders, younger voters) at the process. Known for national analysis and fundraising, Ms. Smith has promoted compelling political candidates/issues nationwide by assisting with long-term strategy goals, building coalitions and raising awareness in order to broaden the reach and exposure of the positions. She hosts dozens of events each year for local and national policy initiatives and candidates and works hard to raise funds for candidates from the state house to the White House. Ms. Smith was a noted fundraiser for the Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004 races as a ‘Maverick,’ ‘Pioneer,’ and ‘Ranger.’ She was Chairman of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s campaign in Colorado and Finance Co-Chair for John McCain 2008. She is the former Chairman of Denver County Republicans; the youngest Chairmen ever to serve in Colorado and has helped candidates in all regions of the country in statewide and congressional races as well as down-ticket assistance and was recently recognized as one of the Statesman’s “Fifty for the Future.”

Ms. Smith’s leadership and involvement in civic opportunities make a difference locally in Denver and the west as well as nationally. She served on Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's Infrastructure Priorities Task Force and as Vice President of the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation and has raised millions of dollars toward worthy civic causes. She is credited as chairman for record public fundraisers for both the Denver Zoo (2006) and the Denver Public Library (2005) as well as participating on numerous committees for other organizations. She served for years as community representative on the Collaborative Decision-Making Board of the Dora Moore K-8 public school in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, is currently on the strategic planning board of the Ricks Center for Gifted Children at Denver University, and is an active advocate of education initiatives.

Ms. Smith’s career as a management consultant focused on Strategic Planning, Product Marketing and Business Development for clients in the Telecommunications and Technology industries. For companies making their way in the ever-changing telecommunications industry, she focused on product and company launch and expansion with results always dedicated to the bottom line. Her clients included Everypath, Inc., a leader in developing the wireless communication technology that makes today’s messaging work, local giant Qwest Communications (DSL), MCI Communications (bundling and wireless), USWEST (innovation and product development), Arbros Communications (landline and wireless resale), Rhythms Net Connections (customer communications), Western Wireless (now T-Mobile – Western states launch) and many more.

Mary lives in Denver with her fantastic 8 year old son, Joe.