Maxine Smith

I grew up in New York City and spent a lot of time observing people. It fascinated me, and still does, that in this over-populated world we live in, there are no two faces alike….very similar perhaps, but not identical.

We have our own road map. It is that fascination with the human face that drew me to painting portraits. I prefer to paint people I don’t know as it gives me more freedom to create without any pre-conceived notions, or the pressure of having to please.

As I sit at the easel with a new face before me, someone I have never seen before, it makes my heart beat a little bit faster. The chances are I will never see that person again, a stranger who on canvas will linger. A stranger who will become a friend.

I love making art and hope that comes across to the viewer.

There comes a time in life when you are ready to “put yourself out there”, when you are strong enough within yourself to be able to accept rejection as well as success. I am in that place now where I want to share my paintings with others.

I have always stayed away from painting traditionally “pretty people. It just doesn’t doesn’t seem to work for me. I look for character in the subjects face and find very often it is the person that has “lived a life” that most appeals to me. What is behind the smile, the glance, the body language… it is that story that comes alive for me.