Megan McAvoy, President of Megan McAvoy Coaching, LLC, inspires and impacts successful women in business to achieve personal wellbeing, business freedom, and financial security so that they may have everlasting fulfillment. Megan coaches successful women across the country through her signature program: “Do What Matters Most: For Woman Professionals and Entrepreneurs ~ A Self-Development Coaching Program with Ease, Clarity, and Fulfillment.” Megan is a national speaker, Huffington Post blogger, and a certified Yoga Teacher. Prior to launching her coaching business, Megan spent over a decade in personal finance and built a national client base of female entrepreneurs. She is the Founder of Women’s Peak Performance Partnership, LLC in Boulder, CO where she uses her leadership talents to bring a community of women together. Megan’s mission is always to provide a level of value that exceeds expectations.

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