Melissa White CEO of Lucky Bloke: Safer Sex Advocate & Condom Expert

Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke*, is a consultant and researcher advocating a positive approach to sexual safety, health and pleasure.

She spearheads a frequently updated site featuring international consumer reviews of every brand of condom worth attention. Melissa's work supports those who don't want to compromise their health or pleasure, in order to find the safer sex option that works best for them. Her team recently launched SaferSex.Education an online resource providing accurate, progressive advice from leading sex educators –created to support everyone navigating sexual relationships and choices.

*Lucky Bloke is committed to empowering the sexually active by dispelling widespread myths and negative attitudes surrounding condom use –empowering people to enjoy more satisfying experiences in safer sex. Lucky Bloke offers guidance and education on condom fit, along with a carefully curated assortment of quality condoms and lubricant from across the globe.


Melissa is on twitter: @awaytofindme | Lucky Bloke: @theLuckyBloke