Michael Rooni is the author of the book ATTRACTIVE COMMUNICATION, 300 WAYS TO MAKE COMMUNICATION MORE ATTRACTIVE (www.attractivecommunication.com). He is the founder of ATTRACTIVE ADR, an efficient and creative alternative dispute resolution provider, and the founder of Attractive Communication Training, a unique training program wherein attendees learn to become attractive and effective communicators in all 8 areas of communication and dispute resolution. He earned his doctorate in jurisprudence in 1993 and has been a member of the State Bar of California since 1994. He was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court Voluntary Settlement Conference Panel. Mr. Rooni has helped resolve very complex and contentious personal, business, and legal conflicts using litigation, mediation, arbitration, and communication methods. He currently resolves high-conflict disputes and trains corporate employees, business owners, couples, and individuals in the fields of communication and dispute resolution. He has participated in, observed, and studied thousands of communications in his search for the most attractive and effective communication and dispute resolution methods. Mr. Rooni is a sought-after, high-impact speaker, practitioner, and consultant in the areas of communicative effectiveness and dispute resolution. His thoughts and writings have appeared in prestigious newspapers, national media, trade publications and other major media.