Mirette has over five years of non-profit sector experience working in the field of community development in Egypt. She graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing her Master's Degree in Professional Development at the American University in Cairo. Mirette started her career as a banker at HSBC bank in Egypt. In her spare time, Mirette devoted herself to community-based social work. She volunteered at an orphanage where she employed games and experiments to teach English and science using an interactive approach. Mirette later volunteered as a facilitator with ILO-Cairo on the SCREAM project, which supports child rights through education, arts, and the media. Mirett’s enriching experience with this project led to a life-changing decision to devote her career to community development. Mirette is currently working as a non-formal education coordinator and youth educator at Alwan Wa Awtar NGO, an arts-for-development organization situated in rural Cairo.