Examining issues of diversity in higher education, Professor Mitchell
J. Chang's work is an outgrowth of the cultural consciousness that
took root during the modern civil rights movement in the United
States more than thirty years ago. Initiatives that promote diversity
such as affirmative action, ethnic studies, and cross-cultural
requirements grew out of that period of social activism and have been
enacted on campuses nationwide since that time.

Standing as a bellwether of democracy in education, such initiatives
serve as a driving force for continuing reform. With an interest
towards advancing student learning and establishing a more democratic
standard for colleges and universities around the world, Professor
Chang examines the educational effectiveness of initiatives that
address race and ethnicity.

Prior to joining the UCLA faculty in 1999, Chang held positions at
the University of Massachusetts Boston, Stanford University, and
Loyola Marymount University. He earned a Doctor of Philosophy in
Education from UCLA in 1996 and received his Masters in Education
from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of
California, Santa Barbara.

Professor Chang was awarded the 2004 – 05 Fellowship of The Sudikoff
Family Institute for Education & New Media, an initiative for the
public engagement of UCLA’s Graduate School of Education &
Information Studies scholars.