Nick Chang Founder and owner, RIPEBRAND

RIPEBRAND founder and owner, Nick Chang, has always known that his passion was in philanthropy. His summer days in college were spent volunteering at a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that brought affordable housing to people within the community. Nick didn’t feel it was enough to just pick any random charity and write a check, loving the opportunity to give back; he wanted to ensure that his efforts warranted change.

Boasting bright and bold colors with the names of fruits like Pomegranate, Grape & Zucchini, RIPEBRAND.ORG is a t-shirt line that makes a fashion statement while generating awareness for social causes in Los Angeles. Like the fruits written on the shirts, RIPEBRANDers ripen and grow as they help their local community. Rapidly gaining fans, RIPEBRAND, encourages people to donate their social influence by wearing a shirt to make a statement. The shirts are the epitome of lux & casual and are made of locally grown ring spun jersey cotton, manufactured and printed with vegetable dye in California and twice washed so they are tailored to fit perfectly! With over 50% of profits going directly to local Los Angeles non-profits in affecting Youth, Health & Poverty, consumers choose the categories they want to support and learn about new organizations as they go.

If charity begins in your backyard, RIPEBRAND has perfected the movement by vetting the most efficient non-profits in LA and donating proceeds to those causes. Working hand in hand with these organizations and making a commitment to continue to support them through more than just a campaign, RIPEBRAND provides volunteer opportunities to create a lifestyle of giving back, not just a one-time donation but a long lasting relationship between the consumer and the cause.