As president of PMCO Strategies, Inc., Pam Henderson Murtaugh has developed a new process that makes the “human experience” the foundation of business strategy and development. Based on a unique approach to behavioral research, it leads to a new understanding of people, motivations, business and cultures.

The approach was created intuitively, evolving over 25 years through research and consulting for global companies and learning from more than 30,000 people on five continents. It’s been borne out empirically with successful products and campaigns, and substantiated by recent neuroscience that shows how experiences actually happen in the brain.

Unlocking the silent right brain hemisphere—the root of all experiences—is the core of the research process. Combining this right-brain input with left-brain analytic rigor is the key to strategy development.

PMCO Strategies, Inc. is based in Madison, Wisconsin, and specializes in business strategy, product innovation and brand development.