Randi Revill was born in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2002, she enrolled at the historically black college/university Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout her tenure at ASU, she became aware of Alabama’s social economic climate, especially for the lower income residents. This realization led to her involvement in movements such as Selma to Montgomery March reenactments, and the 50th Anniversary Bus Boycott services. Most notably, she was elected Miss Alabama State University representing the university’s student body all over the country at leadership conferences, round-table discussions, forums, etc.

In 2006 she graduated, married and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky for graduate level education. At the University of Louisville, Randi focused solely on advancing her education, thereby receiving her Masters Degree in 2010. After graduation, Randi moved back to Birmingham, Alabama. Eager to begin her career and family, she vigorously applied for employment. This led to an ideal position with the Center for Labor Education and Research (CLEAR), the leading program in the South targeted toward union employee training and development. CLEAR, a department within Jefferson State Community College gave Randi the opportunity to exercise her passion for underrepresented and underemployed Alabamians. The position also gave her a steady and reliable source of income and family benefits. However, after only a few months of employment, whispers about State budget cuts led to the total elimination of CLEAR; thus leaving Randi unemployed.