Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes is an impeccably researched, infectiously funny National Progressive Radio Talk Show Host.

Randi fought to bring Progressive Talk to a National Audience when everyone told her it couldn't be done.

The Randi Rhodes Show was the original Afternoon Drive show on Air America Radio. The Randi Rhodes Show aired on AAR for 4 years through 10,000 management teams, bankruptcy and scandal. She was fired in the middle of the 2008 Primary season for criticizing Hillary Clinton while doing stand up comedy in a nightclub in San Francisco.

Randi is now broadcast on nearly all of her Air America affiliates and XM who chose to stand with her.

She now works for Nova M Radio.

Randi started her radio odyssey playing classic country in a storefront in Seminole, TX but today she holds the title #1 Progressive Talk Host in the nation.

Randi starred in the HBO documentary "Left of the Dial" and is probably watching C-SPAN right now or doing interviews from her bathroom.

She is a Native of The Brooklyn province.