Remy M. Maisel Undergraduate at Pennsylvania State University

Remy Michelle Maisel is a college student by day, and an amateur media critic, literary enthusiast, and pundit by night-not unlike Hannah Montana.

Remy is an undergraduate at Penn State. She has experience editing several publications in high school, and has received several honors and awards including publication in Teen Ink magazine and induction into the National Honor Society. She also received a merit scholarship to Penn State, where she is now focusing on being a writer and crew member for PSN TV shows including After Hours, a late night comedy show.

Remy finds herself drawn to the world of complex, alarming, and often funny human behavior that is politics, and the bread-and-circus that is the 24-hour news cycle. She likes to weigh in on everything from social issues, religion and politics, books and television/movies, to the highs and lows of her complex relationship with her horse. If you aren’t supposed to discuss it at a dinner party, you can find it on her blog. Offering her often sardonic, but always honest and heartfelt perspective as a college student, woman, and self-described “it-getter,” she hopes that she can inspire people to think critically about what kind of person they want to be. Remy tries not to be a jerk, but, failing that, hopes to make you laugh.

Remy has a deep appreciation for satire, and has finally learned that one should always laugh, and never take oneself too seriously, and she agrees with Jon Stewart that America needs to “take it down a notch.” When she grows up, she wants to be Meg the Intern on The Colbert Report.

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