Robert Kuttner Co-founder and co-editor, 'The American Prospect'

Robert Kuttner is co-founder and co-editor of The American Prospect magazine, as well as a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the think tank Demos. He was a longtime columnist for Business Week, and continues to write columns in the Boston Globe. The Squandering of America, exploring the political roots of America's narrowing prosperity and the systemic risks facing the U.S. economy, is Bob's seventh book. The book was recently honored with the Sidney Hillman Journalism Award. Bob has just begun work on a new book on trade, equality, efficiency, and the challenge of regulating global capitalism. Bob's best-known earlier book is Everything for Sale: The Virtues and Limits of Markets (1997). The book received a page one review in the New York Times Book Review. Of it, the late economist Robert Heilbroner wrote, "I have never seen the market system better described, more intelligently appreciated, or more trenchantly criticized than in Everything for Sale." Bob's other previous books on economics and politics include; The End of Laissez-Faire (1991); The Life of the Party (1987); The Economic Illusion (1984); and Revolt of the Haves (1980). Bob's magazine writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and Book Review, The Atlantic, The New Republic, The New Yorker, Dissent, Columbia Journalism Review, and Harvard Business Review. He has contributed major articles to The New England Journal of Medicine as a national policy correspondent. For four decades, Bob's intellectual and political project has been to revive the politics and economics of harnessing capitalism to serve a broad public interest. He has pursued this ideal as a writer, editor, teacher, lecturer, commentator and public official.

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