Sean is a current US Diplomat and Army Strategist. His personal views do no reflect the views of either the DOS or the DOD.

Sean Gilfillan is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of TTF Entertainment, the world's first military-focused entertainment entity. TTFE's mission is to Bring Entertainment to the Military in the form of Live Events (Music, Comedy, Sports, Branded Entertainment, Festivals and Kids Entertainment) and to Bring the Military to Entertainment in the form of Creative Endeavors (Military Castings for TV/Film, Creating military-themed programming, Developing Military Music Artists, etc.)

He is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and worked in the Army Asymmetric Warfare Office (AAWO) inside the Pentagon for his last 2-year tour as the Chief of Plans

He has an M.A. in Diplomacy/International Relations with a concentration in International Terrorism, focusing on Counterinsurgency and a Business Degree from Norwich University, the nation's oldest private military college and the birthplace of ROTC.

Sean spent 4 years in Germany, of which 15 months were spent in Iraq, most of them with 1/6 Infantry in Jadriyah, which is the zone in Baghdad that contains both Baghdad and Nah'rain Universities.

He was the liaison to both Universities for his unit as well as a project manager responsible for $5 million worth of projects, setting up the Neighborhood Advisory Council, Force Protection Services and Iraqi Civil Defense Corps for which he earned the Bronze Star.

Sean has traveled to over 30 countries and has extensively studied Counterinsurgency, Foreign Policy, International Relations, Middle Eastern culture, religion and various terrorist organizations, focusing mostly on Al Qaida.

He is a member of the Association of the United States Army, Reserve Officers Association, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and various other veteran organizations and gives talks on national security, terrorism and international relations all over the country.

Feel free to email him at:

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