Sergio Lopez is the Director of Latino Programming at Freedom to Marry and leads the organization’s partnership with national Latino-based organizations through the Familia es Familia public education program. Previously, as Political Coordinator at People For the American Way, Sergio spearheaded the Young Elected Progressives program, which endorsed 79 candidates on the local level and had a 79% win rate in the 2012 elections. In addition, Sergio worked closely on marriage campaigns in South Dakota and Wisconsin in 2006 with state coalitions.

He authored a weekly blog column, El Chanclaso, for Voto Latino that was regularly featured in The Huffington Post through the November 2012 elections. He lives in Washington, DC where he currently serves on the boards of the Latino GLBT History Project and Pac+.

Sergio is a proud Texan having been born and raised in San Antonio. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.