My name is Shay Kun and I am an Israeli born New York based artist.  I was classically trained in the leading art academy in the UK (Goldsmith College in London), and highly active in the NYC art scene for last 12 years, with solo shows in NYC (Benrimon Contemporary), London (Seventeen Gallery), Boston (Lamontagne Gallery), Tel Aviv (Hezi Cohen Gallery), Miami (David Castillo Gallery), New Orleans (Martine Chaisson gallery), Chicago (Linda Warren Projects). Recent group shows included NYC (Lehmann Maupin Gallery), The Shanghai Museum of Art, Berlin (Alexander Ochs gallery), Paris (Galerie Favardin & de Verneuil). My body of work is an infusion of classical landscape paintings with a brush, innovative and humorous 21st century influence, more images/info from various series and other press
links/c.v can all be found on my site: