Steffen Thybo Moller Crown Prince Frederik Fellow at Harvard University

Steffen Thybo Møller is a Crown Prince Frederik Fellow at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. There he studies public administration focusing on social entrepreneurship, leadership and education policy. He is the first director of international education at the student driven Education Professional Interest Committee EdPIC. As director he is organizing panel discussions on education at the Kennedy School including the Harvard Leadership Conference 2010. He is member of Former Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings’ weekly study group on education reform at Institute of Politics at Harvard. Recently, he launched the open professional International Education Group on Linkedin to connect students, researchers, and professionals who are interested in improving schools and education around the world.

Steffen was born and raised in Denmark, where he did his undergrad in Political Science at University of Copenhagen. During his undergrad studies, he was elected and worked as president of a new Danish youth volunteer organization called Yngresagen (literary: ’the youth cause’). The organization’s mission is to strengthen the voice of the Danish youth in public debates and policymaking. As president Steffen focused on fundraising youth democracy projects and participated in public debates including interviews with members of Danish Parliament.

He has done research on higher education in China and published a paper on American missionary universities in China. The paper focuses on how educational institutions can act as a bridge between societies and on what Professor Joseph Nye calls “Soft Power”. To connect people with an interest in Soft Power, Steffen founded the Soft Power Network, which has attracted more hundreds of diplomats and professionals. For more, please visit

Steffen used to dream about becoming a professional saxophonist and taught private students for a few years. After his undergrad at University of Copenhagen, he wanted to see other parts of the world and moved abroad. As part of his master degree, he studied at Sciences Po in Paris, and worked as an intern at the Danish Embassy in Beijing, and in the United Nations in New Delhi. These experiences made Steffen interested in the differences between societies and educational systems in the world. As a foreigner he was surprised to learn about the huge challenges and achievement gaps in the U.S. educational system. 

He has served as co-editor and board member of the European Movement, a non-profit organization promoting a more integrated democratic Europe. He has contributed as research assistant editing the book ‘The Transformation of Europe – EU’s Political and Legal System’ by Professor Morten Kelstrup, Professor Marlene Wind, and Associate Professor Dorte Martinsen at Centre for European Politics at University of Copenhagen.

In 2010, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to Columbia University and a full tuition scholarship to New York University. However, inspired by President’s Kennedy famous inauguration speech “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”, he chose to enroll at Harvard Kennedy School of Government to pursue a career in public service.

In his spare time, he still plays music for fun. He also loves to sail, and in 2010 he spent the summer sailing in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Steffen Thybo Møller lives in Cambridge, MA.