Steve Sheffey is a pro-Israel activist, a lifelong member of AIPAC, and a progressive Democrat, and will never turn down a cup of coffee, a glass of Scotch, or a scoop of chocolate ice cream. He has long been active in the pro-Israel community and in Jewish communal life. He has written for numerous publications, including The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel, The Hill, and The Huffington Post. He served on the Board of CityPAC, Chicago’s premier single-issue pro-Israel political action committee, for seven years, including two years as its president. He is a lifetime member of AIPAC and an active member of the National Jewish Democratic Council. In 1992, he ran for delegate pledged to presidential candidate Tom Harkin in what was then the Ninth Congressional District of Illinois, in 2012 he was elected as delegate to the Democratic National Convention from the Tenth District Congressional District of Illinois pledged to Barack Obama, and in 2016 he ran as a delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton. Steve and family live in suburban Chicago. The views he presents in his writings and talks do not necessarily represent the views of any organization or candidate he is or has been associated with, and unless otherwise noted, he does not write or speak on behalf of these organizations or candidates.

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