Susanne Goldstein Storyteller, Problem Solver, Business Doctor

Susanne Goldstein is a best-selling author-business strategist-master storyteller-practical problem solver-career expert-filmmaker-engineer-user experience designer who has helped countless individuals, teams, companies, and audiences define what success means to them, and then accelerate their ability to achieve it.

Susanne’s unique frameworks and tell-it-like-it-is style are evident in her many consulting engagements, in her book Carry a Paintbrush: How To Be The Artistic Director of Your Own Career, and as a contributor for a variety of on- and offline media.

Still working in the trenches as a business strategist and software architect, Susanne knows how to land business and grow companies because she is out doing it every day. To date, she has worked with over 70 clients in the private, non-profit and academic sectors including Harvard Kennedy School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Microsoft. Currently, Susanne is working with an online brokerage firm to re-imagine the future of online investing.

But her true passion is helping people reach their highest potential. In the current economy, this means helping companies focus on disciplined growth, and helping out-of-work and under-employed Americans get back to work.

Speaking throughout the country, Susanne delivers the tough love and techniques needed to make it in the new working world today. She teaches how to be successful, not only in your career but in your life. A long-term sufferer of chronic pain, Susanne knows tough times, and works every day to overcome them. Her life stories teaches others not only how to survive, but how to flourish and thrive.

Susanne has a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an A.B. in Theatre and Film Studies from Cornell University. She is Connector at Boston World Partnerships, sits on the Patient Advocacy Council at Massachusetts General Hospital and on theAdvisory Board of WorldBlue Inc.