Vicky Kuperman Comedian & Writer

“When people hear I’m Russian, they always assume I’m either in the Mafia or good at math. Unfortunately, I’m just a hooker.”

So begins another boisterous set by breakout comedian Vicky Kuperman— Moscow-born Boston native, New York City rat-packer and a regular fixture on the national stand-up comedy circuit.

When she is not performing live, Vicky is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, where her columns skewer the absurdities of everything from weddings to work to politics. In 2009, she and fellow comedian Kendra Cunningham founded Malarkey Pictures, for which they write, direct and star in short films that appear across the Internet, notably on Funny or Die. Their film LonelyGirl48 was named Best Comedic Short at the Boston Comedy Festival in 2010, and Best Short Film at the 2011 Palm Beach Women’s Festival. More of their films have been screened at the St. Louis and Boston film festivals.

She has been featured on The Maxim Comedy Showcase, on NickMom TV, Sirius Satellite Radio & Comcast.

In 2012, she launched her own line of e-greetings with Off the Boat Greetings.

She just published her first book "The Russian Drop", currently available on and

Her favorite comedians include Patton Oswalt, Wendy Liebman, Kelly MacFarland, Jeff Caldwell, Keith Anthony, Bill Burr and Sherry Davey.

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