Hillary's Veep. Bill. (Belichick, That Is)

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET
  • Avery Corman Author of "My Old Neighborhood Remembered. A Memoir."

It's a Dream Team. They'll get along great. "I'm a fighter," she keeps telling us, and so is he. Hillary (throw-the-kitchen-sink, play any card you've got, race, gender, ethnicity, "as far as I know,") and Bill (it's not against the rules as I understand them to tape the opposing team's signals.) Bill B. even caused a change in the rules. Under his supervision, his defenders so effectively mugged the Los Angeles Rams receivers in the Super Bowl in 2002, while the officials were confused on what to call, the following season the NFL redefined the mugging of receivers.

Not that Barack has actually been mugged by Hillary. She's just giving him a crash course in Karl Rove 101. Or Belichick 101. I do love the two of them together. Both present themselves as intellectuals in their fields, and for all the attempts to lighten up Hillary, the SNL stuff and all, and the reports from friends that Bill B. isn't so grim when you get to know him, it would be compelling, serious Hillary and serious Bill B., stalking the election sidelines in matching hooded sweatshirts.

Then there's the soap opera of it, the way they both understand how to create melodrama, Did she weep on cue, does her voice break as needed? Will he shake hands with his surrogate son who left him for a better job? Hillary and Bill B., two operators who suck the air out of the room, and take the media with them. Made for each other. Hillary, the front runner, "inevitable," who saw her lead disintegrate. And Bill B., also "inevitable," working on an undefeated season. They already had the T-shirts run off for the Patriots. Hillary, not publicly acknowledging the primaries she had lost, no concession speeches from the fighter. And Bill B., well, Hillary could learn something from Bill B. here. Post-game, after one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history, he said coldly, "They made a few more plays than we did."

Let's get these folks together on the ticket. Oh, I know she's trailing. But they're both experts on moving the goal posts.