Jungle Beat: 70 Days Until Roger Christie Is Free

09/04/2014 12:48 pm ET | Updated Nov 03, 2014

As of September 5, Roger Christie, founder of The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry, has 70 more days left in federal prison for "conspiracy to distribute marijuana" and other charges.

But there's a looming natural disaster threatening his farm near Pahoa, on the Big Island of Hawai'i south of Hilo.

Madame Pele, as locals call the volcano goddess, is sending a slow-moving flow of lava straight at populated areas in the Puna district, including Keohe Homesteads, where Roger and Share Christie live and operate a five-acre farm.

Share is currently arranging for a storage locker to house Roger's large collection of books and papers and other valuables. And she, along with other residents of this rural area, is preparing to evacuate her home and farm when the Civil Defense authorities give the word.

The Christies and I are relative babes in the woods when it comes to legal matters, although Roger has educated himself extensively in the four-plus years he has been held without bail or a trial. We are asking for help and guidance: is there any way that Roger can be released to his home early, to help his 62 year-old wife pack up and evacuate? Some sort of hardship or family emergency loophole? It has been hard enough for this couple to live separate lives during the three years since before their marriage at the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu, and now they are facing this very real threat to their home.

"I'm still recovering from the hurricane," Share told me, referring to Hurricane Iselle, which slammed into the Big Island the night of August 7. "Now this."

You may post any advice, suggestions or other form of assistance on the Facebook page, "Liberate Roger Christie and the THC Ministry."