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Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson

Posted: December 10, 2008 07:02 PM

The Big Three vs. the NFL: Who's Tougher?

I am beginning to lose my mind when I watch NFL football on Sunday. It's not the game that troubles me; it's the truck commercials. At one point during Sunday's game there was the Ford F-150. Big. Brawny. Unstoppable. All American. Did I see one commercial? No. In a short time span the commercial played over and over. If you had no interest in buying the pickup the first 6 times, would you suddenly want it on the 7th viewing? By the way, these are not simple pickup trucks; they are very very powerful apparently. They can pull or stop a 747 on the runway, which is important to some people, I guess.

The Dodge pickup truck is even more special. It can drive through fire and leap in the air. The type of truck you need if an evacuation of a city is needed during the apocalypse. And should the end of the world scenario play out, you can relax with Wi-Fi and iPod capabilities. The irony is all these spots are somewhere against a landscape where you can see forever. Not for city dwellers. You need to live in a dusty place, with few roads. No roads would be even better. And women apparently are not the intended drivers. In fact women don't exist, or maybe they are just not allowed near the pickup truck. Maybe the auto industries research shows that women don't watch football. Nor any people who live in states that have a speed limit or modern highways, or any structure over one story high. The auto industry must spend a lot of money for this valuable research. And God knows what the commercial spots cost to produce and air.

But then again these executives must know what they are doing; after all they run major corporations. And me? I'm just a guy who watches football. I don't need a truck. I wonder if the Big Three makes a passenger car? And if by chance that they do, what type of show would they advertise on?