Scary Enuff For Ya?

10/09/2006 05:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As if news of the world's most dangerous movie fan going nuclear (or nuclear wanna-be) isn't enough to scare you today-- considering who's in charge of dealing with him -- the redoubtable Chris Hedges has a fresh piece up about our intentions in Iran: Bush's Nuclear Apocalypse. I urge you to read it. It'll curl your hair. The final paragraph says something about savoring the last few weeks or months of what's left of this blessed America.

Alarmist? Maybe. But I hear Seymour Hersh continues to think along the same lines. And see Gary Hart's The October Surpise on this site.

And here we are in the USA, actually wondering if all this is so. Maybe we should, you know, ask someone in our government? Or maybe a newspaper or a TV news program could find out for us? It'd be "of interest" to quite a few of us, I would think.