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B.D. Gallof

B.D. Gallof

Posted: November 3, 2009 09:57 AM

Watch Long Island For the New Right Wing Groundswell

What's Your Reaction?

Don't discount Rush Limbaugh's act of channeling Network's Howard Beale


There is usually a good two years when there is a noticeable snap back from a certain lean Left or Right by a nation at-large. When Barack Obama won, a large majority pushed away from Republicans as a counter of years of George W. Bush and a Neo Con agenda that seem to backfire and implode on itself.

The Right will be quick to remind you of all the extraneous things that happened during his tenure. The Left will ply that it amplified and created an even bigger snafu. Both would be correct in those takes, in parts. But that is a debate for a future blog by some craftier minds.

What did not leave, however is a reverberation of class war that is actually still going on in some parts of America. As the difference between poor and wealthy stretches to stratospheric proportions, many of the upper middle class who have not had the bottom fall out have bridled at this new Democratic regime. 

They are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore!

Howard Beale's mantra from Network has been swiped and expect to see the first indicators today, Election Day. You will see it even more in the coming year.

They have thrown tea bags in reaction to taxes and been a large part of the anti government-run health care groundswell.

A lot of this movement, though seen all over the country in pockets, is located on Long Island. Frustrated well-to-doers, or well-to-do wannabees, have been banding together in some sort of grass roots reactionary network.

Slews of email chains of humor, criticism and heaping loads of rhetoric...many coming from dubious sources have traveled the digital ether like wildfire.

Tired acts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have renewed themselves by pricking these steaming veins to vent nightly as a nation still sits enmeshed in a complex economic and international malaise.

Many have taken to Fox News as some sort of liferaft to keep in touch with this anger and resentment. They buy the books by Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter; biding their time.

Except, they still are very much a minority this election cycle, only pressing ever so slightly on the numbers. 

But do not discount this sore groundswell, nor the anger. They are what is the first ripples of what will turn into a wave next year if the recession recovery stutters or jobs still sit at a standstill.

Watch Long Island, ladies and gentlemen, for this is where it begins. Tom Suozzi, the incumbent Nassau Executive is facing a virtual unknown and many have seen his polls drop. The Nassau County Democratic Legislature is held tenuously by one vote. This election has four of them up in the air.

Long Island is where this movement has stewed and now is chipping away. While Democratic operatives to many campaigns mutter about recovery, they also acknowledge it will likely be a jobless recovery. It will not be a sudden pivot to good times with a 5 to 6 percent jump. It will be more a 2 to 3, while many still are looking for work.

The issue is that it might not be enough to offset the snap back next election cycle. That resentment and unease will litter that landscape with far more organization, support and control...tethered to a right wing that is attempting to get back on it's feet.

Today we will see the crawl, but next year we will see the running. The bouillabaisse of discontent has been churning, and this year's minority will be a movement looking to step up.

If you haven't seen the indicators, you are not listening, OR more likely...

They left you off the email chain, lefty.


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