11/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Freedom from Domestic Violence: Right or Responsibility?

* Putting Words in Moderator Bob Schieffer's Mouth for Tonight's Debate

With the economic crisis certain to take the center stage in tonight's Presidential debate -- I would like to again spotlight another crisis that is deserving of center stage; one that too often goes undiscussed, but is no less important an issue than the mess created on Wall Street -- Domestic Violence in America.

Yes, we have heard a few of the candidates briefly reference the milestone of the passage of the Violence Against Women Act while campaigning, but as we know from Washington's track record of well-intentions, broad social problems cannot always be solved through government programs and money focused soley on helping the plight of victims. We need to address the root cause of Domestic Violence, and to explore ways it can be prevented before it happens.

Therefore, in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, is it too much to ask Bob Schieffer to pose a timely and important question about this silent epidemic? A crisis that will affect one in three women in America, will take the life of more than 1,200 women in America this year alone (that means three people will be murdered today), and emotionally scar over 15 million children who will witness some form of domestic violence in their home.

Domestic violence does happen, and can happen to anyone, regardless of background, socioeconomic status, gender, age or political party.

Let me make it easy for you, Mr. Schieffer...

Freedom from Domestic Violence: Right or Responsibility?

And what solutions or programs would your Administration put in place to lower the number of incidents, addressing the area of prevention and education in particular?

Thank you (holding my breath that you will use yours).

* This post is a follow up to Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Ready for Primetime Debates from October 2nd.

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