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The Election Is Over -- Now the Real Work Begins

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The U.S. elections are finally over, and either you're elated, frustrated or somewhere in between (maybe your guy/girl won the big race, but that bond issue for building a life-size replica of the Millennium Falcon in your basement didn't quite make it). Following the races, specifically the presidential race, on TV, the web, Twitter, etc., was a somewhat dizzying experience. With the electoral votes changing rapidly, the election almost seemed like a basketball or football game, with continual highs and lows as the totals were revealed.

The difference, though, between the presidential election and an athletic contest is the actual "game" begins now for Obama and the rest of the elected officials. Can they deliver on their promises? Can Mr. President continue the work he started during his first four years? Can everyone just get along and make sure the nation progresses?

I have some optimism that this will happen. Although a lot of people will point to the stagnating economy, the biggest factor I see is making sure people understand and value each other enough to work together. Congress shouldn't be comprised of babies who want things only their way; our representatives should be working toward solutions at all costs.

I believe Obama has tried to do that, although I'm sure he has been involved consistently in a tug-of-war between both parties and various other special interests groups. The people living in this country have a substantially diversified amount of ideas, thoughts, goals and ways of life. That's what makes the country so great, right? Then why not figure out a common ground, a happy medium, with which to work, instead of attempting to be polarizing to the other side?

So when I see negative comments and Facebook posts from Romney supporters about how the next four years will be "the same thing," I wonder: "Are you just setting yourself up for a self-fulfilling prophecy?" Why not think the best is possible? Ok, your side lost, but what did you lose? There are many worse situations, and if you are not aware of that, you should pick up a history book and start reading.

I wish all people would realize that we are in this together. You may have a ridiculously dumb idea, and I might think the opposite, but maybe there's some way to come up with a compromise. Or maybe everyone else thinks I'm an idiot, and I need to reconsider my opinions.

Whatever the case, nearly half of Americans voted for the "wrong" guy in the presidential election. But who cares? It's time to make things work for everyone, not just the victors.

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