G.I. Jew Explores Canada (in Kandahar)

10/21/2011 05:00 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

Oh, Canada. Is there nothing in the world that you can't make better with your kind spirit and love of hockey?

Why are we talking about Canada? Fair question. Well. My good friend and comedy pal Kevin Janus (he's Canadian!) runs a terrific Canadian-themed comedy show in New York City called "The Comedy Igloo" ...

So, I thought I would provide a little extra Canadian Content for last week's show with a funny little video of my own, exploring the vast wonders of the Canadian compound at Kandahar Airfield. Comedy! Canada! Kandahar!

We'll let Kevin intro the video, as he did in the show:

We here at "The Comedy Igloo" are committed to bringing you breaking Canadian news wherever it is happening, around the globe. Tonight, we bring you a special report filed by Sergeant First Class Benari Lee Poulten all the way from Kandahar, Afghanistan -- or as we like to
call it Canadahar. I present my writing partner, good friend, fellow Sophisticate... And our Senior Afghani-Can Correspondent, G.I. Jew....