10/15/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain and Palin Sittin' in a Tree.....

John McCain has it in spades ... the glow. He used to carry himself with a sort of dour dignity, but now he is walking around with a shit eating grin that says "Hot diggity dog!" He has the look of someone hypnotized, staring at Mrs. Palin's backside as she sneers/speaks, he's got himself a little crush." Lucky me! Look who came out to play with me!!! I've still got it by God! I am a chick magnet!!!!" I think the old soldier has himself a serious case of puppy love for his VP. He is barely acknowledging poor Cindy these days. She looks miserable standing there watching this circus act ... even wearing a half million dollar outfit she looks down and out. She's the little match girl left out in the cold while her husband feasts on the flesh of his new gal pal.

So okay let the old guy have his fling ... where's the harm really? Why is everyone so serious? She's just the vice presidential candidate and as she pointed out in her one and only interview ...they don't need to know about pesky things like heads of state and stuff. She knows the difference between a moose and a caribou ... and frankly she's got one up on me there. So let it go folks ... back off! Show some deference! Johnny's new crush is a whole lot of woman. "Bush Doctrine?" Who needs it? She's got a firm grasp of "God's Doctrine." The gal's got a hot line to the Lord and she's got me there too. The Big Boss got her elected Governor and it's His will that she's here to carry out. God wants to blow up Russia? This gal won't blink. She's not a blinker and that is a rare talent. I am a hopeless it all the time. In fact, I just blinked while writing this line, which is just one of the reasons I will never be fit for high office. So who am I to judge? John's new steady however is ready to command. He says so and I trust him ... after all he was a POW. He was a POW. He was a POW. Did he mention that he was a POW!!!!!?

All kidding aside, I am worried about John McCain. He has drifted so far away from himself that one questions whether he is really all there. If he honestly has no qualms about Sarah Palin's capabilities, then we had best have some qualms about his. I think they duped the old senator. They lured him into bed with this woman and the far right creationist Neo-Cons have locked him into a firm embrace. John McCain might not be actually cheating on Cindy but he is most certainly cheating on John McCain and like any cheater he is under the illusion that he is in control. He is certain that once elected he will be able to return to himself and go his separate way. Someone needs to send him a copy of Fatal Attraction. The folks who have taken over his campaign are deadly serious. If America really does lose its collective mind and elect him ... he had better watch his back. Bunnies beware.

It is the stuff of Greek tragedy. A once respected man brought to his knees by the age old malignancies of ambition and lust. Whether for his running mate or for power, this desire is driving him to commit acts he once found despicable. When the ladies on The View (who for the record have more spine and integrity that Gibson, Williams and Couric combined) confronted him, McCain bowed his head chagrined and began fidgeting with his wedding ring. He could not meet any of the women in the eye while attempting to defend his behavior. When he finally tried to justify his lies, there was a flash of despair behind the bravado. This is a man who has sacrificed his honor and there is no greater loss. The crowds, the glory, the 2 point bump may ease the pain, but it has dulled his gaze and twisted his smile into a grimace. Win or lose, this contest will haunt John McCain for the rest of his days. The hero is a hero no more.

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