12/24/2007 12:38 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Lay Off Jamie Lynn

As a mom blogger, I've been reading and watching all the judgemental commentary flying all over the web and TV about the latest train wreck situation to hit the Spears family. After hearing about what an absolute mess Britney Spears' life has become, her sister has now been thrust into the spotlight after the media announced that she's pregnant - at 16.

For any other teenager, this would be one of the most traumatic moments of their lives and they would either be forced to confide in their parents or figure out in private how they are going to deal with this news that will effectively change their life forever. For Jamie Lynn Spears, she doesn't get the chance to keep her secret to herself. She's forced to share it with every entertainment outlet in the free world and is forced to suffer a slew of hateful commentary about what a terrible role model she is for getting pregnant while she's still a kid herself.

What people seem to forget in this process is that Jamie Lynn and her big sister were both children when their careers hit the stratosphere and now they both have to deal with adult responsibilities before they have been given the chance to grow up themselves.

According to Jamie Lynn, she plans to move away from the Hollywood spotlight and give birth to "it" somewhere down South. Let us hope that for her sake, she'll realize that "it" is going to be someone who is going to depend upon her to care for them, love them and teach them not to repeat the same mistakes they did when they were a teenager.

It is sad that so much pressure has been put upon Jamie Lynn and Britney to the point where they are cast into the spotlight with the media watching their every move. But that's what the press thrives on - they love to build someone up only to relish in those moments when that star takes a fall from grace. I am sure there are plenty of people with secrets or indiscretions in their own family that they'd like to keep to themselves. Why not give Jamie Lynn and Britney the same respect - it's their life, it's their decisions - we're just the the ones watching them from the comfort of our homes casting judgement as we peer into the window of their misfortune.

So how about in 2008, we all make a resolution to leave Britney and Jamie Lynn alone. Let's stop building up these teen stars only to rip them apart when something in their lives goes wrong. And perhaps if we do lay off, Britney can work out her litany of problems and focus on being a good mom to her kids. And while Jamie Lynn experiences pregnancy and prepares for motherhood, let's hope she has a strong support system by her side who will help her close the door on her childhood and prepare her for one of the toughest challenges of her life.