11/07/2011 12:30 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Sex Spa Cover-Up Is a Joke

The issue of police officers paying for sex is not a new one. In fact, over the 20-year span of my career the numbers of customers I've had in uniform have been many. I would even venture to say that quite a large number of my repeat clientele have been law enforcement and government officials. As shocking as this may sound to some, it's true.

In a recent story that made headlines on Fox News, several police officers in the Boston area were found to have frequented an illegal sex facility on a regular basis. The thing that struck me about the article was the story's focus on the police officers' need for sex, not the fact that the so-called "spa" they were visiting was illegal. Why does it shock the general public so much that our law enforcement officials have a sexual appetite? I've often said that I feel we hold our teachers, community officials and clergy at a higher standard than the rest of us when it comes to companionship and normal sexual needs.

Government employees and elected officials have just as much right to have their needs met as the rest of us. However, we find when reading any average news publication or watching the average news television program that we as Americans are all too pleased to defame those "well respected " members of society once we find out they are normal. If someone in a position of authority dates too often, has too much to drink one evening or gets 'caught" having too much fun -- it's commonplace for the court of public opinion to convict them, whereas, no real crime has been committed. Shouldn't we praise them for the work they do to help our communities instead of nit-picking their personal lives?

The article mentions that the illegal sex acts being performed in the spa were being covered up. This is not news. There are plenty of businesses where such things occur on a daily basis and heads are turned. I've been around the adult entertainment business my entire life and can tell you that this is commonplace. Gentlemen's clubs, massage parlors and the like are all too familiar with catering to police officers in order to continue operating. One of the spa workers was quoted as saying, "It was kept hush-hush because it involved police officers. It's not about what the girls did. It's how everything was gone about, the cover-up at the police stations."

My response to that is simple. Yes. It absolutely does have to do with what the girls were doing. This woman, who was employed by the establishment, knew she was breaking the law every time she committed a sex act, whether with a police officers or otherwise. She is clearly using the fact that these men wore badges as a way of skirting the issue that she was breaking the law as well.

Police officers are people. People have sexual appetites. Let's not ignore the fact that it is mentioned in the story that these officers were engaging in sex acts while on the clock. Do we know for a fact that this is true? Has this accusation been proven? I don't think that it's fair to have printed that statement when there are no discernible facts to back it up. More importantly, these cover ups happen because no one wants to acknowledge that officers and officials alike need a safe place to have innocent adult encounters. Far too many resources, newsprint and tax dollars are spent spinning our wheels combating these problems.

So, what is the solution? It's simple, really. Legalize regulated brothels and focus on shutting down these illegal operations. Combating illegal prostitution is futile unless a viable alternative is available. Opening the doors to legal federally and/or state mandated brothels provides not only tax dollars and a safe place for these discreet encounters but, no one is breaking the law. We can then turn our focus to the bigger problems in our communities and clean up the crime associated with illegal prostitution. Brothels put a spotlight on those people and establishments working under the law. Suddenly, we have solved the problems associated with these types of cover ups. Then, if an officer or government official is found to be in an illegal establishment -- yes! The general public has every right to call foul because an alternative and legal alternative was available. I'm tired of my tax dollars being spent in vain combating a problem that is so easily rectified. It's time to make changes and see the big picture.

Prostitution is not going anywhere and is in fact a growing business due to the current economic state. It's just a matter of harnessing it, utilizing it and taxing it.