06/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary: It Ain't Over Yet!

In a defiant speech ignoring Barack Obama's historic win as the first African-American to become a presidential nominee -- a giant step toward righting our horrific racist past, precisely 200 years since the slave trade was abolished in 1808 -- Hillary Clinton delivered a Valedictory speech initiating a 'write in' campaign to force Obama into offering her the Veep spot or to redeem her and her husband's legacy.

Of course, for Mrs. Clinton, her decision not to concede was all for the 'good' of those "invisible voices" she claims to represent -- Latinos, women, and working class voters. She didn't mention black voters.

The tone of her speech was so laden with self-preservation and self-aggrandizement that one wonders what Kool-Aid she's been drinking these past three months that has brought her to the end of her run for the presidency but not the end of her self-deluded power plays.

Instead of taking her loss like (dare I say it?) a man, she told her basement audience at Baruch College in Manhattan, "I will be making no decisions tonight....The question is where to go from here?"

She ended by asking her supporters to write in to tell her what to do: and we know they'll tell her to fight on to Denver.

Led by Lanny Davis, there will also be a campaign by her supporters to pressure Obama to make Hillary his running mate. If he does give in to this latest 'Clinton campaign' they will weaken him. If he can't stand up to Hillary Clinton and her creepy cohorts, he can't stand up to the tough guys around the world.

Clinton supporters were blasting emails to the talking heads on television during Tuesday night's campaign coverage protesting: "Give her time. Tonight should be her night." They're deluded too.

She's had months to get ready to concede, but instead kept firing at Obama with her Gatling-gun surrogates, most especially former President Bill Clinton, who just yesterday blamed Obama for the recent unflattering Vanity Fair article and all the other 'unfair' press she's received since the Iowa caucuses.

Another email rushed into CNN. "She deserves to be treated with respect."

Why doesn't she respect the party rules and the delegates -- elected and superdelegates -- that have put Obama over the top to make him the presumptive nominee? Why can't she respect Barack Obama and leave center stage?

Obama needs to focus on McCain and not on Hillary's shenanigans and dark-hearted strategies to create a co-presidency with Obama. The time for redeeming her and her husband's legacy has long past.

Clinton expressed no desire to disband or bring her army of supporters under the party tent, insisting on preserving her powerbase and forcing Obama into offering her the Vice Presidential spot or some other position she wants.

The Obama campaign has to be displeased as Hillary was introduced as the "Next president of the United States" before she took the stage in New York and delivered one of the least gracious speeches on record, completely ignoring the historicism of the moment when the first black man becomes his party's nominee.

It's doubtful this tough and unreasonable position will yield the results Mrs. Clinton desires.

While John McCain was busy blasting Barack Obama in New Orleans and the Clintons refusing to suspend their campaign and promising more offensive attacks, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was basking in the glory of his moment -- and extolling the virtues of and the trustworthiness of the American people -- when he announced to a crowd of 17,000 happy supporters in St. Paul, Minnesota:

"I will be the Democratic nominee."