12/31/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Mar 02, 2014

Dare to Be Daring

Truth or dare: What gives you more energy? Someone admits as a truth they secretly admired you. It feels nice and warm? Or they be daring and walk up to you with flowers and a bold statement of, "I have been admiring you from afar." Does it feel the same or different?

Bold statements shock and surprise us. Who doesn't like a surprise now and then. It has energy and excitement. It perturbs our predictable or usual state. It's like an injection of vitamins, puts a smile on your face, hormones get happy.

Sometimes when people are daring or appear bold, they are accused of being a rebel, think Madonna, Bob Dylan. I certainly have been accused of that and I remember in the '80s feeling wronged by that statement. I needed to conform.

Then I saw what that did to me. I got caught up in being average, I gained weight and got uglier... I grew my hair, I got a boyfriend, I became so ordinary and my life became very predictable and I my body and image associated with that future.

Then I found my daring again. First, I had to find my fellow rebels, Madonna, music business, karaoke, short skirts, Germans, traveling, a far-out life mentor, peach orange hair! That's the girl! I was older and bolder. The great thing about this is that when people from my past see me now they always are a bit shocked and say I haven't aged a bit. It's true I have been getting younger as I get older, the youth coming from my vitality and energy, and light in my eyes with no emphasis on my wrinkles.

Daring to be involves doing... doing is action, action creates more energy. Practicing, getting curious, expanding your world view, is how you train for daring. You get out of your box and jump into the triangle. This is how you evolve to being daring. Because now there is no effort in being daring. I am daring!

As we begin a new year, how can you prepare for a daring future? Who would you like to be in the company of? What clothes would you daringly wear? What bold statement do you want to make? This is how to prepare yourself for your new year rejuvenation of aliveness, energy and fun. Blow that tiredness right out of your system with a daring move!