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Potatoes With Pizzazz: 12 Recipes To Last The Winter

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With the exception of kale and squash, once winter comes, potatoes are it. Not that you'll hear us complaining.

Potatoes are brilliant, infinitely adaptable and even gluten-free. But if they're such a flexible vegetable, why do we spend so much time cutting them into cubes and making roasted potatoes to go with meats, stews and sandwiches?

Sure, at Hanukkah we grate them and fry them, but that's been the exception, not the norm.

Rather than stick with the mundane, here we bring you potatoes that have been mashed(!), smashed(!), turned into pizza, roasted with Parmesan and topped with eggs and cheese. All winter, you'll be eating potatoes with pizzazz.

-Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine of Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Potatoes with Pizzazz
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