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Liveblog with Anti-Amendment Leaders Kate Kendell, Nadine Smith and Barbara McCullough-Jones

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I'm pleased to announce that Thursday night, Bilerico Project be hosting a liveblog with Kate Kendell, Nadine Smith and Barbara McCullough-Jones. We'll kick things off at 7pm EST.

The three women led the efforts to defeat marriage amendments in California, Florida and Arizona. Kate and Nadine are Bilerico Project contributors and Barbara is a frequent guest poster. They'll take your questions and comments about Prop 8, Amendment 2, and Prop 102, the recent protests, and what went wrong. Best of all, we'll talk about where we go from here.

Be sure to sign up below to get an e-mail reminder of the liveblog. We'll see you then!

Any suggested questions to start the liveblog? Leave them in the comments.