12/05/2010 10:53 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Weekly Reader: Lady Gaga, Gay Vultures & Covenant House

The Don"t Ask Don't Tell hearings sucked most of Covenant House-logo.gifthe air out of the big gay room this week, but there were plenty of other great content on Bilerico you might have missed. I think these were some of our best posts this week:


Gay vulture flap at German zoo Filed by: Gloria Brame Ph.D.

A reader question: What's the difference? Filed by: Bil Browning


Adult, LGBT and Homeless? Few of Us Care Filed by: Patricia Nell Warren

My Words from Baton Rouge's Transgender Day of Remembrance Filed by: Bruce Parker


Then again, if the movie was about a decorator they'd ask the same thing Filed by: Alex Blaze

I"m not writing a World AIDS Day column this year Filed by: D Gregory Smith


Illinois legislature passes civil unions: different-sex couples also eligible Filed by: Nancy Polikoff

Covenant House Texas Is Not A Home For Houston Trans And Intersex Youth Filed by: Monica Roberts


115,000 LBGT Troops: How Many Is That, Exactly? Filed by: Don Davis

I called Lady Gaga evil and got death threats on Facebook Filed by: R Conrad


Reinhardt Refuses to Recuse Himself in Prop 8 Case Filed by: Karen Ocamb

99 And Counting: Tales From The Un-Funny Papers Filed by: Terrance Heath

Don't forget: