Are You Ready for Some Football?

05/25/2011 12:00 pm ET

If you believe FOX NEWS - and who does? - all Democrats wanna do is drink beer and watch football.

FOX has been talking non-stop about the fact that Democrats delayed the start of their famous 100 Hours until today, Tuesday, the morning AFTER the big football game between Ohio State and Florida.

What a great, big, fat NON-ISSUE.

If the truth be known - and, of course, you'll never hear the truth on FOX NEWS - Majority Leader Steny Hoyer gave Congress off on Monday because Republican Leader John Boehner - from OHIO - a big BUCKEYES fan - BEGGED him to!

And, besides, look what's on this week's agenda.

Last week, Democrats already passed the toughest congressional ethics rules EVER.

This week, they will also pass legislation to raise the minimum wage, enact the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, increase funding for stem cell research, and fix the prescription drug program.

And they will also hold the first oversight hearings on the War in Iraq.

So - who cares if Democrats work only four days this week?

They will still have accomplished more in four days - than Republicans did in six years.