02/12/2012 03:34 pm ET | Updated Apr 13, 2012

Memo To New York: From Jeremy Lin

To: New York
From: Jeremy Lin, Starting Point Guard, NY Knicks
Re: Thanks & My Future Plans

Greetings New York,

First off, I'm as surprised as you are to see me and to be here this week playing my heart out for you.

As unlikely as it was before this week that an Asian-American, Harvard graduate would make it playing in the NBA, I proudly represent the Crimson and my Chinese/Taiwanese heritage. Just for yuks, I googled what other Harvard grads have played in the NBA and found these gents ...

Gray, Wyndol 1946-1947
Mariaschin, Saul 1947-1947
Smith, Ed 1953-1953

... as you can see, it's been a while since a Harvard man dribbled the ball up an NBA court.

Don't misunderstand, I always knew I had the ability to play in the NBA, I just needed for some aware coaching staff to give me a chance. I'm honored that after other teams missed my talents, the NY Knicks finally let me prove myself.

For this gift from New York, I want to help return the Knicks to their former glory of Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Bill Bradley and Dave DeBusschere. I know it won't be easy. but neither was my road here.

These first four games have given me the chance to show how I can shoot, pass and dribble the ball. But as they sometimes say, I say to you now: "You ain't seen nuthin' yet."

Always in the back of my mind has been passing the ball. Over the last four games however, I haven't had a lot of passing options or as many as I would've liked, put it that way.

My first four games as a regular-playing member of the Knicks have been a blur. And these games have been missing the best two players the Knicks have, Amare and Carmelo.

Next week begins a new Knicks' season; one very different from what you've seen and been inflicted with so far.

Here's what I plan on doing once both of these hardwood greats return this Tuesday and we can form a triumvirate only matched, possibly, by the Miami Heat:

**I plan on play-making like a maniac, always passing the ball if in doubt and looking out for Amare or Carmelo slashing for the hoop.

**I will pass, pass, pass.

**When the opposing defenders drop off to guard my teammates, I will drive the lane myself or pull up for the open jumper just to keep them honest.

**I will act as a catalyst for the Knick offense making sure that we stay in our games to the end and win.

**I will give my all on defense. I will strive to steal the ball, take charges, snatch rebounds and make turnovers happen.

**I will give my all, at all times to ensure Knick victory.

**I will do my best to help the Knicks improve their record and make the playoffs handily. Then, I and my Knicks will battle successfully against the very best this game has to offer.

and finally,

**I will help take this team to the very top as I did against Kobe and the Lakers Friday night. I fully anticipate having to beat the Celtics and Heat in wild ones and then a Knicks-Dallas NBA Final-which the Knicks WILL WIN.

So these are my promises to you New York. I don't make these promises lightly. After all, I've succesfully battled the odds all my life and while it took time, a lot of it, I've finally realized my early goals. Now, I start on my later, loftier goals including: winning the NBA Championship for New York.

Thank you New York for giving me the chance Golden State and Houston didn't. For that, I'll always be eternally grateful to the New York Knicks, the coaches and most of all, the greatest fans in the world: New Yorkers.