02/08/2012 07:39 am ET | Updated Apr 09, 2012

5 Views Of Iceland's Cultural Scene (PHOTOS)

Nestled between Greenland and Scandinavia in the North Atlantic Ocean, is Iceland, a country that, for all its size, bewilders those who visit with its dynamic -- and frequently eccentric -- culture. With a unique café and bar culture, top notch cuisine, an effervescent nightlife and a burgeoning music scene, the island nation is an attractive destination for the hip and the outdoorsy.

With 2012 heralded as the best time in fifty years to see the Northern Lights, here at Black Tomato we can't think of a better place to chase down the ethereal hues of the Aurora Borealis and combine culture with some of Mother Nature's most beautiful work. Below we've put together some cultural tidbits to get you in the mood for an Iceland holiday.