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Black Tomato


Our Favorite Surf Beaches

Posted: 08/23/11 11:23 AM ET

There's nothing quite like the rough and tumble of the surf to make you feel fully alive and connected to nature. Mastering the waves is an artform that transcends culture and country: Surfers unite across the world in a sort of common underwater love.

Finding the best surfing beaches in the world is a tough job, but it's something our 'beachy' friends don't mind doing. So as the 2011 ASP World Surfing Tour rolls toward the United States, we asked our sister company and beach culture go-to guide Beach Tomato to share their favorite surf beaches around the world. Surfs up.

Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz, California
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It wouldn’t be Cali if the day didn’t start with a surf, right? The statuesque surfer that sits atop Santa Cruz looks out across the bay watching over fellow surfers as they park up campervans along the cliffs that line Cowell Beach. Picture perfect with its wharf and boardwalk, Cowell’s is just a short hop from downtown Santa Cruz. Very chilled, the slow summer rollers are great for learner legs or those who’ve indulged in a little beach-partying the night before.
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