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Black Tomato


What To Do In Africa Besides Safari

Posted: 10/28/10 12:01 PM ET

Think African holiday, think safari, right? Over here at Black Tomato, we love all the luxury safari holidays Africa has to offer, but on this epic continent there is a whole lot more to do and see. So we thought we'd gather our Top 5 list for your consideration.

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Islands off of Africa
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Now just happens to be the best time to check out São Tomé and Príncipe, an untouched island nation off Africa's west coast. Between October and April every year since the beginning of time, marine turtles have crawled ashore to nest. Add that to elephants roaming the coastline, black and white beaches, plus some of the world's best coffee and it's the perfect island paradise.
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That's our current Top Five for Africa beyond the safari holiday, but the list goes on...


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