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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Why Trump and the Birthers Won't Go Away

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted June 1, 2012

President Obama was indeed prophetic when he said at a press conference a year ago that his release of his long form birth certificate would not convince countless numbers of anti-Obama skeptics that he was a bona fide American. Nearly a year after the president called it right on the...

Aundaray Guess

I Do: How I, a Gay Black Man, Came Around on Same-Sex Marriage

Aundaray Guess | Posted June 1, 2012

When New York City passed the right for gay couples to get married, it was definitely a happy and history-making occasion. The same rights were now being given to those who were previously denied them based solely on their sexuality. Finally New Yorkers, after many years of fighting and lobbying,...

Stephanie Chick

What I Learned From White Men

Stephanie Chick | Posted June 1, 2012

In corporate America, white men have always held powerful positions of authority. From first-level managers to GMs, from senior VPs to C-Suite executives, you'll find white men wielding power and influence.

As a black woman, it would be easy for me to feel contempt for white men and be...

Nicole Brittingham Furlonge

On the 'Public' Role of Love

Nicole Brittingham Furlonge | Posted June 1, 2012

Love is a democratic ideal. This notion of love is what Martin Luther King, Jr. called "the love that does justice," a love that intentionally supports and cultivates personal and systemic change towards equality, a love that is threatened as long as injustice thrives. In King's words, love holds social...

Dr. Tukufu Zuberi

Empowering the People's Voice: An Interview with Dr. Sylvester Bongani Maphosa

Dr. Tukufu Zuberi | Posted June 1, 2012


Dr. Sylvester Maphosa is chief research specialist and head of peace and security at the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA), located in Pretoria, South Africa. Since 1996 he has worked in peace-building practice, and evaluation of fragile contexts. He also serves on...

Reverend William E. Flippin, Jr.

Reflections on Project Visit to the Dominican Republic

Reverend William E. Flippin, Jr. | Posted June 1, 2012

On May 14-17, I had the fortunate opportunity to have traveled to the Dominican Republic with Children International and a group of committed advocates for the poor. This non-profit organization, which serves mostly Latin America, Asia (the Philippines), Africa and India, helps to provide impoverished children with meaningful benefits and...

Zondra Hughes

Black Still Matters -- Even After You Get Some Green

Zondra Hughes | Posted June 1, 2012


The other night I attended market research guru Pepper Miller's Black Still Matters book launch and panel discussion held at the DuSable Museum of African-American history.

Miller and her panel explained the conflicted picture of the African-American consumers' staggering influence and brand loyalty and...

Pius Kamau

The Albino Boy Who Was Lost into Thin Air

Pius Kamau | Posted June 3, 2012

It is hard to imagine that an airline can lose a child. But that's precisely what seems to have happened to a three-year-old albino boy, who was a Kenya Airways passenger flying from Nairobi to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in April. The airline does not seem to know where he went....

André David Halston

Chef Andre Halston's Red Chili Tartar Sauce

André David Halston | Posted June 1, 2012

Have any of you had the feeling of what to use as a side item or an accompaniment to one of your culinary creations? Maybe then you went to your comfort zone and opened a jar or bottle of whatever was handy in your fridge or pantry. I am sure...

Andrew Wilkes

Now, Not Later: Increasing New York State's Minimum Wage

Andrew Wilkes | Posted June 1, 2012

Governor Cuomo has an opportunity to exercise economic leadership on behalf of the Empire State's most vulnerable families. Despite his characterizations, raising the state's minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.50 can and should be done. According to a recent Siena College poll, 79 percent of New York State...

Oneika Raymond

How To Do Paris Quickly And Cheaply

Oneika Raymond | Posted June 16, 2012

John S. Wilson

Bloomberg's Soda Ban will Fall Flat

John S. Wilson | Posted June 1, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg may think he's helping to curb obesity in New York City -- where it has doubled among adults since 1997 -- with his new proposal to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces. In actuality all he is doing is providing fodder for conservatives who have long...

Elisabeth Braw

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee: "Sex Strikes Help Good Men"

Elisabeth Braw | Posted June 1, 2012

Who said sex and politics don't mix? Led by Leymah Gbowee, a young mother, Liberian women went on a sex strike to end the country's brutal civil war. They were successful: in 2003 warlords agreed to end the violence. Last year Gbowee won a Nobel Peace Prize for her campaign....