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Heat Beat Celtics In Game 7, 101-88: LeBron James Leads Miami Back To NBA Finals (VIDEO)

AP   |  TIM REYNOLDS   |   June 9, 2012

MIAMI — LeBron James finally got a Game 7 victory, on his third try. Next up, the NBA finals – and his third try at...

'True Blood' Premiere: Show's Stars Now And Then

  |   August 9, 2012

Before they were vampires, werewolves and other oh my!s, the "True Blood cast were just people too, and non-blood-sucking ones at that. Ryan Kwanten (Jason...

Deandra Lee Arrested On Charges Of Killing Dejerinett Twins & Babysitter Jack Mac Girdner

AP   |  By   |   June 9, 2012

SELMA, Ala. -- A man charged with killing 9-year-old twins and their 73-year-old baby sitter has been arrested in Alabama. Prosecutor Michael Jackson says 22-year-old...

Rand Paul Gloats About Scott Walker Recall Win At CPAC Chicago (AUDIO)

The Huffington Post   |  Paige Lavender   |   June 9, 2012

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gloated about Republican Governor Scott Walker's "landslide" win in the Wisconsin recall elections while speaking at CPAC Chicago on Friday. "Mr....

Obama Campaign Woos Hispanic Voters With Television, Radio Ads

AP   |  BETH FOUHY   |   June 9, 2012

KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Her Latin American background is clear in her speech as Lynnette Acosta talks about how President Barack Obama's health care plan could...
Trymaine Lee


Recidivism Hard To Shake For Ex-Offenders Returning Home To Dim Prospects   |  Trymaine Lee   |   June 10, 2012

NEW YORK -- As Rudy Holder walked down East Harlem's main drag, everyone seemed to remember him. One man after another greeted him with a...

Activists Jab Obama And Romney On Economy

AP   |  STEVE PEOPLES AND BRIAN BAKST   |   June 9, 2012

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Separated at rival conferences by 1,000 miles and a world of political ideology, liberal and conservative activists are finding themselves united by...

Goji Berry Could Protect Eyes From Diabetic Retinopathy

  |   June 9, 2012

An ancient berry may be a powerful tool in protecting eyes from diabetes-related vision loss, according to new cellular research. Scientists from the University of...
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