Petition: Replace O'Reilly with Donahue

02/24/2006 11:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This week, Bill O'Reilly has circulated a petition asking NBC Chairman Bob Wright to replace Keith Olbermann with Phil Donahue -- out of concern for MSNBC's ratings. Oh that O'Reilly. So devilishly clever.

In response, I've started a petition calling for Roger Ailes to replace O'Reilly with Donahue out of concern for O'Reilly's growing mental instability.

Join me in signing the petition here.

"Dear Your Honor Roger Ailes,

We, the undersigned, are becoming increasingly concerned about the mental health of the host of your 8:00 PM EST show. This host has claimed:

1) San Francisco should be attacked by al-Qaeda terrorists ("homicide bombers").

2) There's a conspiracy to cancel the extremely popular Christmas holiday, even though the culture of Christmas is prevalent in America for nearly three months of every year.

3) That opponents of his show favor personal attacks and smearing, while he routinely employs the pejorative "pinheads" to describe anyone who disagrees with him.

4) That he never used the phrase "shut up" even though he's on-record saying that phrase dozens of times.

5) He has yet to publicly address his sexual penchant for soapy falafel sandwiches and female underlings.

6) He routinely misrepresents factual information (often called "lying"), then claims he told the truth, but will occasionally recant and admit to flagrantly misleading his viewers.

(For more citations of your 8:00 PM EST host's growing level of dysfunction, please visit: where there are approximately 400 instances of your host's mental instability.)

As a result, we recommend that you uphold your "fair and balanced" reputation and replace your 8:00 PM EST host with popular talk show host Phil Donahue.

In a recent petition to MSNBC, your host praised Mr. Donahue's ability to draw a large audience and referred to Mr. Donahue's "honor and dignity" -- a perfect fit for Fox News Channel as your current host obviously endorses Donahue's ability to perform in prime time. So he's a perfect replacement for your 8:00 PM EST host who clearly could use some professional psychological assistance.

We look forward to the premiere of The Donahue Factor, weeknights at 8:00 PM on Fox News Channel.

The Undersigned "

Previous signatures below. Current signatures here.

199. Joey Sorge
198. God Incarnate Or I Will
197. Derek Arrowsmith I love Phil Donahue
196. Audrey Levit
195. Big John Bill O'Reilly's a douche 8 days a week
194. k denny O'reilly matters only to himself
193. Michael Hawk Please get this man some help before he loofas again.
192. Neil Friedman bye bye! whatever!
191. Ted Ryan Bill O'Reilly's a douche
190. Eric J. Carmichael Let Donahue at least cover for Bill while Bill goes to Darfur.
189. Allan Bazar
188. Les Wiley
187. Joe Reinartz
186. Bill Howell Mr. can't be that dumb to keep O'Liarly on the air eh?
185. William Grace Bill O'Reilly is a MEGALOMANIAC and makes the FOX netwerk seem even more of a joke. The Falafal King Must GO!
184. Larry Evans The time has come...
183. Dean Muller
182. Jason Henningson
181. Donna Croce All he does is lie and scream. Elevate yourself with Mr. Donahue.
180. Doug Howard
179. Scott Murphy
178. Susan Sanchez O'Reilly is a huge embarrassment! Phil Donahue would be a wonderful.
177. James Fidel
176. Stephen H. Battis
175. Dr. Thomas Clark As an Irishman, I'm ashamed of O'Reilly
174. Estelle Gabel Such a disappointment--was more credible on tabloid TV I watched every show from when he moved from Cleveland to Chicago--I am a die-hard fan
173. Marie Zidzik
172. Julianne Hoffenberg
171. henry g petrow o'reilly is no longer sane
170. Barbara Carroll BO's brain has degenerated, likely from eating too many loofas....or scrubbing himself with falafels. even once would be a 1000\% increase
169. David Roberts
168. Bryant James
167. john bernard ciesielski
166. susan goodman if phil takes over your show, then you'll have plenty of time to go to dafur 5
165. Jerry Pesce
164. Bill Burns evry night it is on, plus the re-run shown after midnight orthe re-run shown at anytime day or night. I will even put it on the TV's at work.
163. Scott Struck O'Reilly is a pompous windbag with frightful splotches. Make him go away.
162. Daniel R. Velasco He's much more insightful and intelligent than O'Reilly.
161. Matthew Miller
160. Patrick McKee Please put the mental health of your employees first!
159. Cornelis Pieterse
158. Margaret Davis Replace o'reilly before he explodes on camera please.....
157. Robert Helm
156. Joseph Fanelli Clearly, Mr. O'Reilly is in need of rest and compassion in his emotional struggle now being played out in full view of his audience. He has become painful to watch. Please get him the help he so plainly needs.
155. Jason Rubin do it, just do it 7 nights.
154. Chester Slick Great Idea!
153. Rickio Woods
152. S Bala
151. Kelly Casey Get O'Reilly's head examined
150. charles kogon O'Reilly is a hatemongering, insecure, narcissist. Get him off!!!
149. Keneth Hardy he lies
148. Pat Connors O'Reilly is unstable and a sex predicator
147. Patrick Thompson
146. Markas O'Donnell
144. frank christian do you have any idea what an embarassemt o'reily is to your network?
143. Marlene Wagner O'Reilly's ratings are sinking because he stinks!!
142. Susan Williams O'Reilly the most ridiculous item of the day. He is a terrible role model for young people. Get rid of Hannity, too.
141. Kevin Healy the truth is the truth, which, I guess, makes a lie a lie.
140. Roger Marcum
139. Nicholas Vogel
138. lucy finn-smith I love Donahue , where has be BEEN???
137. William Fleming
136. Svetlana Turley
135. Rick Perry
134. Michelle Hamilton
133. sandra grierson
132. Michael Steber
131. John salstone
130. Dee Sullivan Mr. O'Reilly is an embarrasment to your company.
129. Greg Ellis
128. Uri W. Might I also humbly mention that O'Reilly is a bigot, racist and sexual deviant. Hey Bill, say hi to the plaintiff and the wife for me.
127. David Hinds
126. Lee Eaker
125. deborah zeller
124. Cora I would love to have the voice of reason/Donahue back!
123. Mollie Francis
122. Bloviating Blahbla yada yada yada he makes me puke
121. Thomas Murnien
120. Dennis Moritz Lying, bullying, demeaning, phonying up issues to sow dissent, terrible. Take him off the air. I will buy cable and watch him every chance I get.
119. Betty Johnson Loriz O'Reilly is trying to boot Air America off the air too -- what a sicko -- that's where I get all my news -- propaganda reigns on O'Reilly's program -- off with it!!!!!
118. Steve Clark Reality Check for " O'REILLY"/To many LIES
117. Hal Eckhart
116. Lon Walcker
115. Kyle Huckins Save your soul, Bring in Phil.
114. Raymond Reyes
113. dan aspell Why does O'Reilly hate America?
112. Jim Caligiuri
111. Raymond Johnson
110. martha rush replace soon I hope
109. Paul A. Bell
108. Michael Thomson
107. Chuck Bonfig
106. rob
105. Tony Logan
104. Donald Duryee
103. david
102. Patricia Thurston He's becoming a standing joke. Donahue would give Fox a legitimate claim to "fair and balanced". as many as you have him on. 5 if monday thru friday. 7 even if you re-run two of the weekday shows on the weekend.
101. Michael Sammon
100. DeAnna Hethcock The only time I watched O'Reilly this year was when Donahue was the guest.
99. Jeff Houser Halifax, Nova Scotia
98. John Powell
97. Fred Brown
96. CB Parrish
95. Jeff Houser Halifax, Nova Scotia
94. Lloyd Ptacek I will not watch O'Reilly - Replace him with Donahue!
93. marc wathelet
92. Dan Farago If I owned a TV I wouldn't watch O'Liely, but I'll buy one if you dump him for Donahue.
91. Adam Jacob Muller
90. Jason Devlin
89. richard d. sandow
88. thomas strand improve balance
87. victor montano Phil Donahue would not be biased
86. Stephen Perrenod
85. Paul Smalley Phil Donahue would be a welcome change from O'Reilly's psychotic, mean-spirited weirdness.
84. Steve Rustad O'Reilly is a lunatic
83. David Pollock
82. Elaine Jenkins
81. Kenneth Struck O'Reilly Sucks
80. Jim Rutan
79. margaret Irwin Orielly = falafel
78. John Kolacz I will not watch Bill O'Reilly
77. Eric Frassato
76. Janet Taylor
75. Debbie Weisdepp
74. Michael Sauvante
73. dave harmon
72. Carlos Lemus
71. Ron Estes
70. Lynn Evans Bill O'Reilly is a disgrace to journalism -- although perhaps not to Fox.
69. Bill Dunn Anyone but the idiot
68. Michele Lesaar
67. Michele Lesaar
66. sharon miers I cannot look at Bill, he is insipid & a liar
65. Justine Olivia Van Hausen I refuse to patronize any advertiser on O'Rielly When will it be on.
64. greg thornburg
63. Cathy Kerznar
62. KEN POMERANCE Fort Lauderdale, Fl
61. Cliff Hutchins
60. Nancee Fox
59. Karen R. Searle I would finally watch FOX! Every Night!
58. Helen P McElheran
57. Cindy Pribble
56. Manuel Martinez O'Reilly is an obnoxious nut. So are you.
55. Jason Gober
54. Rashid Muhammad
53. Carl Larson
52. Linda Bacon McBurney Nothing could get me to watch O'Reilly, but I'll happily watch Donahue
51. Richard Krough scratch Bill, bring on Phil!
50. Pat Hughes
49. greg Evanski please replace Bill O'Reilly
48. Robin Murray OHHHH PLEEEASE
47. jason r schaller I will unblock the Fox News Channel on my digital reciever
46. don culp
45. tom gage
44. Brett Hanes Implode, you ridiculous dude.
43. E K Hernandez
42. Paul Hina
41. Robert M. Pearson
40. Les Kern Quit brainwashing our soldiers. Balance it out.
39. Mario Hernandez bill o'reilly is an obscene telephone harasser
38. Huff And Blow Could you sign my petition too? Get Greg Gutfeld off Huffington Post now! ***visit*** for the Truth about the Bu$h KKKonspiracy!
37. Luann Randall I can remember when we watched O'Reilly but his lobsided, rude and inacurrate reporting was more than we could take. It's been years since we have seen a broadcast of his. Guess our decision to cut and run was none too soon. Not sure but obviously more than we watch Bill now!
36. Rick parsons
35. Dennis Paulson
34. Ryan
33. Nancy Sharmer I give up on O'Reilly - much rather watch Keith Olbermann.
32. Roy LeMeur DO IT
31. Casey Byron Bill O'Reilly is a nut job!
30. r dennis french
29. maynard muhr oreilly helped start the war all
28. Michael Atkinson
27. Melissa Carpenter Bill O'Reilly is a threat to society!
26. Nanci Barrett
25. Eugene V. Gaudette America needs "The Phil Factor!"
24. Wendell Feldspar
23. Brad Mellesmoen I might actually subscribe to the network (live in Canada)
22. Robert Payne
21. Donald Hanson
22. Robert Payne
21. Donald Hanson
20. Adam Culberson
19. Kathie Wilson
18. Vivian M. Bartlett
17. Sheila A. Bryant I truly feel Bill has lost it. The incredible distortion and lies he tells his gullible audience is just too much for a REAL Truth Seeker to take. I truly feel for the people that listen to the likes of those lying wingnuts on Faux News and other media outlets.
16. Paul Schmelzer
15. Charles Hornstein
14. Harriet Frank Enough of Bill O'Reilly lies.. anytime he is on...
13. andrew diekmann
12. Judy Cathey O'Reilly is an obnoxious, boring, clown and bully
11. Shirley Crenshaw
10. Stephen Rhodes Phil Donahue was a rating success when he was syndicated and when he was on MSNBC. It would be a coup for FOX to have a competant talk show host on at 8:00 PM
9. Suzanne It's time for Bill to go
8. Larry Diest 7 nights per week
7. Dick Smith What a thrill it would be to be rid of gasbag O'Reilly!
6. Brett Morris O'Reilly is really losing his touch with reality
5. Jonathan D. Troop
4. Timothy Van Heest O'Reilly is a liar---"no spin zone"??? ---it's all spin Three more than I watch The Factor
3. marion bender
2. Cory Lorenz Bill O'Reilly is crazy!
1. Bob Cesca