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There Is Beauty Within You #6: Using the Moment As a Mirror

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In this exercise we continue to consciously observe the present moment of sensory experience (see previous exercise: I am Silent Awareness). This gives us a moment of life we can analyze. Our analysis focuses on the one doing the sensing. We use the moment as a mirror to see who we really are. It is a snapshot of our self caught in the act of living. What do we find? Who are we?

Once again we will use our spiritual sculpting tools of silence, service, intention and inquiry to uncover your perfection ( see Sculpting Tools For Freeing the Angel Within ) as a point of awareness.

Exercise: Consciously Being Awareness Carried Within a Body

We will do the exercise using vision. Try it later with hearing. In the exercise you will shift your focus from the content of what you see to yourself as the silent awareness engaged in the act of seeing. Never do this particular exercise while you are driving or performing any task demanding a response.

Intention: The intention for this exercise is to strengthen the image you have of yourself as a point of silent awareness carried within a body.

Silence: Look around you. Notice the different objects you see. Now, turn you attention away from the content of your sight, and instead focus on being the one doing the seeing. Imagine yourself being behind your eyes looking out at the world around you. Take a moment or two to do this. Be conscious of being the point of awareness observing the world around you. Your eyes may move from one object to another, but notice the one looking remains the same -- making no sound, watching from behind your eyes. Keep your focus and attention on yourself as the one doing the seeing. When you find yourself distracted by what you see or by other thoughts gently renew your intention to focus consciously on yourself being the point of awareness doing the seeing. You are the silent awareness.

Inquiry: Now let me pose some questions to you. Who was looking out at the world from behind your eyes? Of course the answer is "I was looking." Did it make sense when I had you being the point of awareness looking out from behind your eyes? Are you getting more in touch with being awareness, with it being the core of your identity? Does that feel right? So what can we now say about you? You are a silent point of awareness using a human body to sense and navigate the world around you.

Intention Renewal: Allow the intention of this exercise to continue. Give this insight and experience time to deepen. Allow yourself to be conscious of being a point of silent awareness carried within a human body. Practice this exercise during your everyday activities, especially during those moments of stress and anxiety. Simply focus on being awareness. It is an instantaneous shift in your focus from the content of what you see to the one doing the seeing. You will find as awareness you are an oasis of peace and stillness.

Service: We are seeing our self as a silent point of awareness carried within a body. Most likely this is a new relationship with your body. Practice noticing the needs and wants of your body. Begin to care for it, knowing it is providing you with a great service in this lifetime. Does it need more sleep? Perhaps less stress? Are you feeding your body healthy food? Is your body getting enough exercise? It is under your control and depending on you. If taken care of it can give you years of movement, sensation, and pleasure. With your care and guidance, your body can be an instrument in the world reflecting the love and compassion you are, bringing peace and healing, warmth and embrace to the world.

Background Reading: Talks with Ramana Mahrashi - On Realizing Abiding Peace and Happiness, Inner Directions Publishing, 2001, ( ).

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